newsCOP24 Tackling Climate Change

COP24 is the informal name for the 24th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which is currently underway in Katowice, Poland. COP24 aims to build on and ensure the implementation of the Paris Agreement, 2015, in which countries agreed to step up efforts to limit global warming to 1.5°C  (UNFCCC).

There are 3 key messages for this years conference;

  • Technology - development of climate-friendly modern solutions, such as electromobility;
  • Man - solidary and just transition of industrial regions;
  • Nature – supporting achieving climate neutrality by absorbing CO2 by forests and land, or by water management (COP24)

The conference will last for two weeks and already the World Bank has committed to investing 200 billion USD to help combat climate change (Business Review) which highlights the importance of climate action and the commitment required by countries.

The Global Water Partnership (GWP) are presenting “Water and the NDCs: Scale up climate action through water action” on Monday 10th December 2018. Along with their research findings and key messages they have highlighted “The GWP analysis of 80 NDCs [Nationally Determined Contributions] shows that countries need urgent support to improve water security and adapt to climate change” (GWP), this indicates that water management is a high focus of COP24 and innovation is needed to help achieve the climate change goals.

Climate change and a rise in global temperature could see water scarcity affecting over 300 million people (UN). We at Hogen want to help which is why we have developed Atmospheric Water Generators that can use alternative energy sources and utilises the atmosphere for a renewable source of water all around the world.

We’re looking forward to seeing all the outcomes from this conference, hope to raise awareness about climate change and the detrimental impact it has and help to combat global warming and water scarcity together.

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