Nearly 1.5 Million People Don't Have Drinking Water In Puerto Rico After Maria

A week after Hurricane Maria hit, Puerto Rico is still in the wake of devastation.

The people of Puerto Rico are living on basic rations trying to survive, there is basically no food and access to water has been compromised due to contaminated floodwater CNN.

The situation for Puerto Rico has been intensified with the logistical difficulty of getting supplies to the island and additionally due to the Jones Act, which makes it more expensive for Puerto Rico to receive U.S. products including bottled water in time of crisis Chicago Tribune. 

The local people are still awaiting aid but are staying positive, "There is a tradition here of people helping each other, especially during disasters" ABC News.

This natural disaster highlights how important having available resources on site are. Hogen Systems Ltd make the world's most cost-effective equipment for producing potable water by extracting moisture from air.

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