newsAsia’s melting glaciers will affect millions by the century’s end

By 2100 Asia’s glaciers will have shrunk by a third, affecting millions. 800 million people depend on meltwater from the glaciers (Nature) and scientists say the ice stored will decrease significantly by the end of the century, even if the world manages to meet its ambitious goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius (PhysOrg).
Although there is huge push to help reduce climate change in terms of education and legislation, such as the Paris Climate Agreement, researchers state “Even if temperatures stabilize at their current level, [glacier] mass loss will continue for decades to come” (Vice News).

In addition to the loss of freshwater supply from these mountain glaciers; the regions are also vulnerable to more intense flooding from accelerated glacier melt (The Guardian) which brings further risks of contaminating drinking water suppliers with floodwater.
Climate change is an ongoing challenge which is why innovation is needed. By the year 2100, millions of people in Asia will be without safe drinking water, so by then alternative sources will need to be in place.

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Figures are correct as of 22/09/2017

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