We are delighted to announce that our project, in partnership with GenQuip GroundHog and Balfour Beatty won the award for the 2019 Sustainability and Resource Recovery Initiative of the Year at the Water Industry Awards this week.

The Water Industry Awards is the annual celebration of outstanding achievement and innovation in the UK water industry.

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We have signed an agreement with Wath Group, South Yorkshire, to manufacture our unique Atmospheric Water Generators here in the UK.

Derek Gennard, Managing Director of Hogen Systems, has stated how this partnership is mutually beneficial and allows Hogen to expand and grow using the manufacturing excellence and high integrity quality systems of Wath Group.

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news This Friday, March 22nd, marks World Water Day 2019.

This year’s theme is “leaving no one behind”. Today, billions of people are still living without safe water – their households, schools, workplaces, farms and factories struggling to survive and thrive.

We want to raise awareness on this matter and help make a difference which is why we strive to provide water to those who need it. Our research and development team are continually working on improving the efficiency of our Atmospheric Water Generators to deliver potable water in the most sustainable way in remote locations, providing water from air.

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news Water Industry Awards Finalist

We are delighted to announce that Hogen Systems and our partners, GenQuip GroundHog and Balfour Beatty UK, have been shortlisted as finalists for the Sustainability & Resource Recovery Initiative of the Year category at the 2019 Water Industry Awards.

Together we have developed a project that brings together water generation and recovery technologies, using renewable energy sources, to provide water for static or mobile welfare units; the key project aim was to reduce the costs and carbon footprint associated with servicing welfare units.

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We wanted to say thank you for supporting us throughout 2018, we are incredibly excited about what’s to come in 2019 and look forward to sharing this journey with you. We have ambitious goals, innovations and new markets to explore all to help us achieve our mission of providing water for our future.

Contact us for more information on how Atmospheric Water Generation is helping to shape the water industry by providing a sustainable water source by emailing us at

Best wishes

The Hogen System team



newsCOP24 Tackling Climate Change

COP24 is the informal name for the 24th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which is currently underway in Katowice, Poland. COP24 aims to build on and ensure the implementation of the Paris Agreement, 2015, in which countries agreed to step up efforts to limit global warming to 1.5°C  (UNFCCC).

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newsHogen Visits Showcase Sheffield B2B Exhibition

We had a great day at Showcase Sheffield hosted by the British Chambers of Commerce & Sheffield Chamber of Commerce; the day was full of engaging seminars on world trade and innovation and great networking opportunities, were you there?

We look forward to growing globally, along with other UK companies, supported by local and international Chambers of Commerce.




The Newspaper visited the North Yorkshire site after hearing about the new technology being developed Rupert Smith, Easingwold Advertiser & Weekly News Editor, visited the Hogen Systems R&D Site to review the Atmospheric Water Generator Prototype.

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Richard Wood, the newly appointed British Ambassador to Norway, visited the Hogen Systems stand at ONS 2018 and met with the Hogen team The Ambassador visited a number of stands at the exhibition and we were delighted he took the time to come to ours and talk to us about how Atmospheric Water Generation works, its benefits and opportunities.

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Visit us at the Offshore North Sea Exhibition, Hall 9, Stand 452. Hogen Systems are leaders in Atmospheric Water Generation, come and meet our team to find out how we produce safe, clean drinking water from the air almost anywhere in the world.

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news Bbc radio sheffield interview with hogen systems

Atmospheric Water Generation can be a difficult concept to understand; Howard Pressman, BBC Radio Sheffield, interviews Charlotte Allen, Hogen Systems Ltd, to explain in simple terms how the Hogen Water Generators take water from the air and make it safe for drinking.

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newsNew Study Finds Microplastic Contamination in Most Bottled Water

Water is a fundamental part of human life and for some people around the world bottled water is the only safe water available to them.

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newsWorld Water Day 2018

World Water Day, on 22 March every year, is about focusing attention on the importance of water.

This year’s theme, ‘Nature for Water’, explores nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century (UN Water).

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newsWhat ‘Day Zero’ means for Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa, is a popular tourist destination with plenty of sunshine and sea, but 3 years of drought and a growing population risks the taps running dry.

Experts have deemed the situation in Cape Town as a crisis and most recent projections suggest that its water could run out as early as March this year. “The crisis has been caused by three years of very low rainfall, coupled with increasing consumption by a growing population” BBC News.

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newsAsia’s melting glaciers will affect millions by the century’s end

By 2100 Asia’s glaciers will have shrunk by a third, affecting millions. 800 million people depend on meltwater from the glaciers (Nature) and scientists say the ice stored will decrease significantly by the end of the century, even if the world manages to meet its ambitious goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius (PhysOrg).

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Nearly 1.5 Million People Don't Have Drinking Water In Puerto Rico After Maria

A week after Hurricane Maria hit, Puerto Rico is still in the wake of devastation.

The people of Puerto Rico are living on basic rations trying to survive, there is basically no food and access to water has been compromised due to contaminated floodwater CNN.

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newsHurricane Harvey, Houston Health Concerns

Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas with the heaviest tropical downpour in US history on Tuesday and is being referred to as the worst natural disaster in US history (New York Post). Close to 50,000 houses have been damaged or destroyed (The Guardian) and 37 people have been confirmed dead with numbers expected to rise (CNN).

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newsSea levels could rise by 2 metres by 2100

Global warming is an ongoing topic of discussion with the media covering many of the main effects such as rising temperatures and an increase in the devastation caused by natural disasters.

A 3°C rise would lead to longer droughts, fiercer hurricanes and lock in sea-level rises that would redraw many coastlines The Guardian.

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newsHogen Systems Ltd sets up local South Yorkshire office

Hogen Systems Ltd has established itself as a new technology organization in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Based at Reresby House, the facility houses space for the sales office as well as a workshop for manufacturing and development of the Hogen Water Generation range.

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newsGlobal Pollution Contaminating Water

Pollution and its harmful effects on people’s health and the environment has been a hot topic for years, yet pollution is the largest environmental cause of disease and death in the world today, responsible for an estimated 9 million premature deaths Financial Times.

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