H2OGEN Intelligent Water Generation

By using an intelligent control system Hogen’s Water Generators produce the highest amount of potable water using the least amount of energy.

Water is extracted from the surrounding atmosphere using an optimized combination of condensation and absorption technologies.

The extraction process is dynamically optimized using an intelligent control system that ‘senses’ the environment and puts the unit into the optimum operating mode to generate the maximum water output in the most efficient way.
The process can essentially be considered in three stages:

  • Atmospheric Induction
  • Water extraction and separation
  • UV Purification, filtration and Storage

The control systems sensors monitor the surrounding atmospheric conditions to determine if condensation and/or absorption into desiccant material is required for optimum efficiency.

The Hogen Water Generators are made to order in a range of sizes to suit all needs from 100 litres per day up to 5,000 litres per day and units can be placed in series to generate the desired amount.

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